We, at Nutrientman.com, provide resources for better health.  We give nutritional counseling and information on a one to one basis, and we provide our perspectives on what is the most cutting edge therapy for people who need further medical treatment beyond nutritional counseling. Beside all this, we do take time and effort to explain to you the properties of these therapies and their leading practitioners so that you can make the best choice. Newsletter option is available.

The nutritional counseling (by Skype, phone or e-mail) is done by Peter V. Moreo, Jr., C.D.N., R.Ph.   He is a Certified Dietician – Nutritionist and Pharmacist.  Being a Pharmacist Peter has the skill to counsel those on medications.  He has worked in the alternative medicine field for more than 20 years, counseling people, and also authored a column called Nutrition for the New Age for The New Common Good (East Village) in the 1980’s.

Peter got involved in the health and nutrition field when he had a health challenge, and traditional medicine did not work. Not only has he successfully overcome the challenge, but also helped dozens of people including some with serious challenges.

Your health is your wealth; this is the premise that we hold very highly. When we can maximize people’s health, they will live a better life.


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