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  • Jackie Herbach is a licensed NY state massage therapist since 1986. She specializes in stress reduction, deep tissue, Reiki, pre-natal, and oncology massage. She is also a certified Pilates and yoga teacher as well as a personal trainer.

For an appointment, call 1-917-533-4466


physical therapy

  • Tracy Lin, P.T. Craniosacral  Therapist  / Viceral Manipulation –  130 West 56 St. Suite 703 NY, NY 10019

For an appointment, call: 1-917 891-5116


        • wellevate℠ is the next step in connecting integrative professionals and their patients beyond the office. The result? Improved patient compliance and practice outcomes without the cost or complexity of managing product inventory.



Podiatry Services

For an appointment, call: 1-212-949-2901










          • Lisa Snow is the owner/founder of On the Mend and a certified personal trainer with over 9 years experience.  While she has successfully trained clients of all ages, she specializes in boomers and seniors with injuries, disabilities, and chronic illnesses.  Clients usually choose On the Mend when they’ve completed physical therapy and are looking to get back into exercise or get started at the gym for the first time.  They’re worried about getting reinjured working out by themselves, but at the same time, don’t want to get lost in the shuffle at a big group class.  30 min free consultations available by appointment.

Lisa Snow ACE & NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
President On the Mend Customized Fitness and Massage