Our body is like a machine and we need to take care of it. Machines are easier to take care of than our bodies, and most people take better care of their cars than they do themselves.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a car guy myself; it is another one of my passions.  We make sure that the oil is changed on the schedule, etc.  When I go to cars shows, I see pristine machines with most of their owners sitting next to them eating a hero sandwich with their wheat belly sticking out.

We all know that pets give us unconditional love and companionship. As with cars, the same is true of most pet owners.  There are commercials on TV for pet food that say it contains no gluten, no grains, no bad stuff, meat and fish with no added ingredients or this and that ingredient that are good for their coat, muscles, joints, etc. and the word “healthy” on the label.

wild salmon dish

There is even a new one out with super foods. What we do not hear is how much it costs. Yet most people complain organic food is too expensive.  Race horses are fed organic food.

Most pet owners themselves don’t have such a good diet or take supplements.  But when it comes to TV commercials for humans, it is all about taste, the look, quantity, many ingredients, and how little it costs.

Many commercials are for fast food loaded with fried oils, wheat, etc. Nutritional value and quality is not mentioned.

Just like scheduled oil changes and lubrication for cars we need to regularly consume oils.  Oils insulate nerves and nourish the brain, so anyone with a neurological issue will benefit from them.

There are different classes of oils, for example omega-3.  The best source of omega-3 is fish oil then flax seed oil (there are other sources). Fish oil contains EPA and DHA; EPA is mainly for the heart and DHA is mainly for the brain.  When I was a kid my mother used to say that fish is brain food and that’s because of the DHA. Flax seed oil is generally used by vegetarians and must be converted in the liver to EPA and DHA, which is already found in fish oil.  That conversion in the liver is difficult and there’s a certain percentage of the population that cannot do that.  There are some reports that flax seed oil is not good for the prostate gland, and olive oil, on the other hand, helps to block the conversion of the good estrogen to the bad.


Omega-3s will make the hair and skin softer, more smooth and lustrous.  It will lubricate the joints, thin the blood, and benefit the cardiovascular system.

The next Omega is Omega-6, which comes from three sources: blackcurrant seed oil, borage oil, and evening Primrose oil. The active ingredient is gamma linoleic acid (GLA). This oil insulates the nerves; those with multiple sclerosis will benefit from this oil.  Women will also benefit from this oil to make their menstrual cycle easier. Those on seizure medication should avoid this oil because it lowers the seizure threshold.  We have to make sure to consume more omega-3 than -6 because too much -6 adds to inflammation, type II diabetes, insulin resistance, thyroid dysfunction, and have an effect on obese genes that have been around for awhile.  Grass fed beef has a high omega-3 to -6 ratio and grain fed beef has a high omega-6 to -3 ratio.

Omega-7 is another beneficial oil sourced from Sea Buckthorn. There are two parts: the berry oil, which contains Omega 7 as well as omega-6 and 9, and the seed oil that contains omega-3, 6, 9 and vitamin A, E and SOD.  Because it nourishes the mucous membranes it will benefit in many areas of the body.  It is especially good for vaginal dryness.  This oil also reduces inflammation (especially in blood vessels) and moisturizes the skin from inside out, reducing wrinkle depth.

Olive oil contains omega-9. This oil has been known to stop the conversion of hormones to its bad counter part.  The longest living people in the world have also consumed it.


Coconut oil consists of medium chain triglyceride (MCT).  MCT contains lauric acid, capric acid, and caprylic acid, which are converted by the body to energy.  Caprylic acid has anti yeast properties.  This oil is very good to cook with due to his high heat tolerance.  This oil also benefits the brain, skin and hair.