We live in a toxic world; that’s why we must detoxify.

There are many types of toxins, like chemicals, EMF’s, heavy and light (aluminum) metals, growth hormones, indoor and outdoor pollutants (fabric softeners, wrinkle free solvents, plastics, fire retardants used in mattresses, etc.), parasite, pesticides, genetically modified foods (GMO), oxidation, radiation, negative people, etc.

The first thing to do is reduce our exposure toxins. Avoid milk and cheese; they clog up the cleansing mechanism of the body (not to mention the hormones).

Gluten will also do that; the name speaks for itself, “glu” as “glue” missing the “e”.

Living in a city gives the most exposure to environmental intoxication; living in a tree house has the least exposure.


Be careful with plastic containers. Plastics can destruct the hormone balance. Under certain temperatures, the xenoestrogens would get into solid food and liquids. Use BPA free containers; if it does not say BPA free look for the triangle at the bottom with the numbers 1, 2 or 5 on it; it is a better choice.

To detoxify from chemicals one can use homeopathics and fiber. For EMFs (Electro Magnetic Fields) there are many products to negate them, you just have to make sure that they have good research and are made by a reputable company.

Metal are a major toxin. Exposure can come from dental amalgam filings, cans, fish, lotions, make-up, soap, and most hair dyes, even clothing (the skin is porous).  If one’s levels are very high, intravenous chelation may be needed with calcium EDTA or DMPS to start with, then go to oral pills or baths.  EDTA taken orally is 10% effective; there also is the powder to put in a bath for soaking, if you can get it. DMPS is also available in a patch. There are other types of bath soaks for detox like apple cider vinegar, baking soda and Clorox.