Lead (Zeppelin),  (Freddie) Mercury, these are just the two legends of rock and roll, oops; I mean heavy metals that and will toxify our bodies. There are more metals, like cadmium, arsenic, beryllium, antimonium, cup rum, lycopodium, tungsten, and aluminum that is a light metal. We get heavy metal exposure from mercury fillings and fish.

Also they come from the environment and canned goods and personal items like lipstick, hair dye and deodorant.

Heavy metals will wreak havoc on our immune system and hormone balance. They can also damage the nerves system, leading to tremors, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), etc. mercury1

Aluminum with deposit in the brain can lead to Alzheimer’s.

A blood test and DMSA challenge urine test from Doctor’s Data available from your doctor will tell you which metals are high in your body. The DMSA challenge is essential because metals get imbedded in the body’s organs and tissues.

BEFORE detoxifying metals, one must make sure that there are no “silver” (amalgam) fillings in the teeth. The so-called “silver” fillings actually also contain the poisonous mercury. If one chooses to get the fillings removed you must make sure to use a holistic dentist who uses the correct removal procedure. Otherwise the mercury could be spread during the procedure, thus directly entering the blood stream.

Various things like chlorella, certain herbs, detox metal kits, DMSA (prescription needed), homeopathic remedies of Clorox or a liquid remedy, or I.V. chelation (tough on the body, use with caution), should be done after removal of filings. Be patient, the detoxification process takes some time.


Peter V. Moreo, Jr., C.D.N., R.Ph