soylent_green_poster1“Soylent Green is people”.  Baby-boomers may recall this line at the end of the movie Soylent Green spoken by Charlton Heston.  The movie took place in New York City and was about a worldwide shortage of food and resources in the year 2022. So the Soylent Corporation used dead peoples’ remains for food when the ocean plankton was used up!  If we don’t preserve our natural resources we will end up the same way.  Today we have a similar parallel for most of the population is eating artificial; farm raised, and genetically modified (GMO) foods! These foods have less nutritional content than organic food, and the body functions decline, leaving us open to disease. Because of this and life style stresses, the body of baby-boomers starts breaking down in their 40’s as opposed to their previous generation, when it happens in their 70’s or 80’s.



Color dyes, preservatives and other unnatural substances get stuck in our tissues and disrupt the body’s function and can lead to cancer. Farm raised foods like fish have much less fatty acids and more heavy metals. Recently on television I saw a university farm raising of tilapia in large water tanks and growing vegetables and fruits with artificial light and soil. The university was teaching students these techniques.  They were priding themselves on increasing the output of food supply, but nothing was mentioned about nutritional content.  What kind of chemicals and fertilizers are used in the artificial soil and end up in the food? Amongst the many foods that fish don’t normally eat is soy. Then there are the chemical concoctions like soda, and super size, and processed food.  What happens to the body when it consumes these substances on a regular basis? FARM RAZED PEOPLE!!!


When I see my grammar or high school class pictures, I find that very few people are fat.  Our people are getting fatter and sicker every year. We need to consume substances as close to nature as possible. Instead of the chemical concoction of soda, we need to drink water (pure, alkaline and 1/2 oz. per pound of body weight per day; if exercising, 1 oz. per pound of body weight) or herbal tea.


chicken farm

Speaking about exercise, for the working adults with responsibilities the first thing to go is normally exercises. Some monetary stresses are self-imposed by accumulating material possessions. It is a time element issue.  Living in the suburbs and working in New York City myself I understand this issue.  Also, does one want to exercise after a day of work and commuting? We need to find a way to do some form of exercise, even if it is half an hour per day.  Another very important issue is sleep.  I believe the most sleep-deprived people in the world are New Yorkers.  I see them sleeping on the F train going to work in the morning, even standing up on a crowded train. Then when the crowded train gets to their stop they move out of the car like cattle-FARMED RAZED PEOPLE!!!

Peter V. Moreo, Jr., C.D.N., R.Ph.