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We live in a toxic world; that's why we must detoxify. There are many types of toxins, like chemicals, EMF’s, heavy and light (aluminum) metals, growth hormones, indoor and outdoor pollutants (fabric softeners, wrinkle free solvents, plastics, fire retardants used in mattresses, etc.), parasite, pesticides, genetically modified foods (GMO), oxidation, radiation, negative people, etc. The [...]


Lead (Zeppelin),  (Freddie) Mercury, these are just the two legends of rock and roll, oops; I mean heavy metals that and will toxify our bodies. There are more metals, like cadmium, arsenic, beryllium, antimonium, cup rum, lycopodium, tungsten, and aluminum that is a light metal. We get heavy metal exposure from mercury fillings and fish. [...]

Fatigued? Could It Be Your Adrenal Glands!

They are the two glands located on the top of the kidneys. These are organs that give us energy and help us deal with stress. They also help keep us standing upright. When someone is really tired or exhausted, the body tends to lean forward. The adrenals also deal with fight or flight response that [...]

Oil Your Machine

Our body is like a machine and we need to take care of it. Machines are easier to take care of than our bodies, and most people take better care of their cars than they do themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I am a car guy myself; it is another one of my passions.  We [...]

Farm Razed People

“Soylent Green is people”.  Baby-boomers may recall this line at the end of the movie Soylent Green spoken by Charlton Heston.  The movie took place in New York City and was about a worldwide shortage of food and resources in the year 2022. So the Soylent Corporation used dead peoples’ remains for food when the [...]

Not In My Shoes

What do I mean by “NOT IN MY SHOES”? We all need doctors and practitioners to diagnose problems and find solutions or therapies. But THEY ARE NOT EXPERIENCING the condition and they do not know our preferences or reaction to supplements, medications or situations. For example, a client of mine told me of a practitioner [...]