What do I mean by “NOT IN MY SHOES”?

We all need doctors and practitioners to diagnose problems and find solutions or therapies. But THEY ARE NOT EXPERIENCING the condition and they do not know our preferences or reaction to supplements, medications or situations.

For example, a client of mine told me of a practitioner that he used to see; when he asked him for a recommendation on a product for better sex.  The practitioner recommended ITI Man.  My client told him this product contained yohimbe, which would make his neurological issue worse; also it raised blood pressure and cortisol. Upon him telling the practitioner the response was, “oh, I see”.  The doctor did not “see” before making the recommendation. What if my client did not tell the doctor? So it turns out that we know better about ourselves.

We all have to be aware of what we are taking, told and experiencing, so we can make wise decisions.  Trust our gut feelings.



Peter V. Moreo, Jr., C.D.N., R.Ph